Glassbrooks Solicitors – Local Professional Help in Making (& Locating) A Will

Glassbrooks Solicitors, located at 42 St Andrews Road South in Lytham St. Anne’s, have said that they have experienced a sharp rise in the number of clients seeking their help to locate their recently departed loved one’s Wills, or advise them when a Will cannot be located.

Glassbrooks is saddened to report that in some instances Wills have not been found, but using our experience we have managed to resolve matters to the satisfaction of our clients and their families.

A Solicitor in Glassbrooks Wills and Probate team says, ‘The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience for all involved so we are glad to have been able to help, but I would advise the public to stop putting off writing a Will, and just as importantly, make sure your loved ones are aware of its location for when the time comes’

If you don’t have a Will or you need to change your current Will, please give Glassbrooks a call on 01253 643700. Alternatively,  email at and Glassbrooks will be happy to assist you.

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