Government Withdraws ‘Sexist’ Stay Home Advert With Woman Doing Chores Whilst Man Relaxes On A Sofa

The Government has today withdrawn a prominent social media advert urging people to ‘Stay Home. Save Lives’ following widespread criticism for stereotyping women. Three of the scenes showed women cleaning, ironing and teaching children, whilst the only man in the advert was depicted relaxing on a comfortable sofa, with his feet on the ground.

Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Bridget Phillipson said the advert put ‘women back ‘in their place’, adding: ‘How out of touch can this government get?’

Commenting on Instagram, Lorraine Candy, former editor of Sunday Times Style Magazine, said: ‘Are there no intelligent, smart women advising the government about this? I am perplexed by the lack of awareness.’

Parenting blogger Anna Whitehouse said: ‘Showing a man lounging about while women (and girls) ‘do it all’ may bear some truth but it can’t be the blueprint from the top. How did this get signed off in 2021?’

The Government have today withdrawn the advert, which has gone viral on social media. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said, ‘We have provided information for the public throughout the pandemic.The advert does not reflect our view on women and we have removed it.’

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