Health Care Worries – Fylde Worst In Country For GPs Per Number Of Inhabitants

Our area of the Fylde has the highest number of inhabitants per GP in the country according to research statistics from the House of Commons Library. The areas most affected by the GP shortage are:

  • Fylde and Wyre 2,833 inhabitants per GP
  • Hull 2,761 inhabitants per GP
  • Calderdale 2,606 inhabitants per GP

The areas with the greatest number of GPs are:

  • Liverpool 1,614 inhabitants per GP
  • Oxfordshire 1,688 inhabitants per GP
  • Wirral 1,720 inhabitants per GP

The figures are based on research from the House of Commons Library which was commissioned by the Liberal Democrats, who have now called upon the Government to train more GPs to end this Postcode Lottery for the availability of health care and availability of GP appointments.

The statistics do not include trainee GPs and are based on the population of each area rather than the number of registered patients.

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