Important News About St. Anne’s Paddling Pool

Fylde Council have shared the news that the popular paddling pool near St. Anne’s Pier has successfully undergone a deep clean and will be open today (Friday 5th August) ready for the weekend .

At the time of the closure a Fylde Council spokesperson explained that the paddling pool is an Edwardian structure and as with all heritage facilities, things occasionally break down or need repair work. The pool outfall pipe needed repair and whilst that was carried out the Council took the opportunity to perform a deep clean

The paddling pool will now close for 1 day every 2 weeks for a deep clean.

There is still controversy, however, centred on dogs entering the pool.  Jack VanDuyn commented earlier today,  ‘Shame they didn’t see the dogs and dirty feet in the empty pool yesterday.’ Jayne Barr remarked, ‘Hope the no dogs in pool signs are up & prominent now…..’ Judith Rigg agreed, ‘ Me too! How anyone thinks it’s ok to let a dog go into a children’s paddling pool is beyond me.’

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  1. I passed today. It was full of Asians who were young teenagers, surely there should be an age limit. They were far to rough for little kids in there.

  2. Beverly I would like to know why their race is relevant? Is it because you are racist?

  3. Why do you need to mention race? It should of said it was full of teenagers doesn’t matter their race

  4. Height? Weight? Eye colour? What did they have for breakfast?? …
    I feel like your description could of been better, I can’t quite picture what a teenager splashing in water would look like with out more detail Beverley? 🙄
    I don’t think describing their race was needed for people to understand your point.
    Lets hope those poor teenagers don’t read your comment, imagine how they would feel reading how you choose to describe their AGE?

  5. I think all you people calling Beverley a racist is wrong. She merely describes the people in the pool. What if they were Scottish. Would she still be racist? I think not. You are the people that bring this subject to the fore by commenting unecessarily and banging on about a perfectly innocent remark. Get off your soapboxes and get a life.

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