Local cat missing for over a DECADE returns home

A heart warming story about a lost cat has touched many locals today.
It was reported via a St Annes Facebook Group that an elderly black cat had been taking shelter in a decorative telephone box for years. The owners of the telephone box took care of him and kept him fed and watered; they also removed a pane of glass for the cat to get in and out (like a cat flap).
A local kindly replaced his old, tattered bed, however the cat (as many cats do) preferred his old bed. The post asked the kind stranger to please return the old bed if they still had it.
Wendy Mulela, of Homeward bound, decided to attempt to find the cats owner, starting with checking if he was chipped. The chip address was out of date and some distance from where the cat was. Wendy left a note at the address as no one was home.
Despite Wendy and the team at Homeward Bound having little hope that the cat would return home as he was getting on, some positive news came.
The owner of the cat got in touch, sharing that the cat’s name was Cole and he had been missing for 14 years! The owner was shocked that his beloved pet was still alive, and will be visiting to reunite with Cole after all these years.
What an amazing story!
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