Local Dog Owners Warned About Outbreak Of Deadly Parvovirus

Dog owners are being warned about a possible outbreak of the highly contagious parvovirus in Blackpool’s parks after one dog sadly died last week.

Blackpool Council have said that they are aware of numerous posts on social media regarding Canine Parvovirus (parvo) in some of Blackpool’s parks. It has been alleged that one dog tragically died after contracting the deadly virus.

This message on a  was shared by a Blackpool dog owner on Facebook:  ‘Absolutely devastated writing this but last night we lost our boy Fury! We both tried everything we could it’s a cruel world everyone who actually know me knows I love dogs more than people. RIP my boy you’ll forever be in my ❤️.’ The owner later added ‘KEEP SHARING parvo WARNING!’

However, Blackpool Council state that they have not had any confirmed cases reported to their Dog Warden team.

Nevertheless, as parvovirus can be very contagious, Blackpool Council has shared this advice from the RSPCA on how to help keep your pooches safe.


  • Parvovirus is preventable. Vaccinations can protect dogs from the devastating effects parvovirus can have. All puppies should be vaccinated against parvovirus at 8 weeks, with a second dose administered 2-4 weeks later. They will be vulnerable to the disease until both doses have been received, which means owners must take extra precaution during this period. Dogs require an annual booster to maintain a high level of protection against the virus.
  • As the virus is caught by contact with faeces from infected dogs, we ask residents, as always, to ensure they bag up any dogs mess and place in the nearest bin.
  • Please contact your vet if you have any concerns about your dogs health or need vaccination advice.

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