Lytham Conservatives Hon. Treasurer Thanked By Rishi Sunak For 50 Years’ Service

Lytham Conservatives have hosted a special “Thank You Party” for Mr. Raymond Jackson to celebrate his fifty years of service as Honorary Treasurer for fifty years.

Ray received a letter of thanks from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak along with a number of gifts. In the featured photograph he is pictured with many colleagues and councillors who helped him celebrate!

Chairman, Brenda Ackers thanked Ray for his long service, saying, ‘Ray has been a true stalwart who always kept accurate figures, always helped at many functions, he will be sadly missed. He will now be able to spend more time with his family and enjoying his garden.’

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  1. Grasping self serving Tory.
    50 years of exploiting the working class.
    Tories don’t keep accurate records of their greed.

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