Lytham Festival Launches Dedicated Community Focus Group

Residents and businesses in Lytham are being invited to be part of a dedicated focus group working in partnership with Lytham Festival.

Organisers of the festival have taken the decision to launch the group following feedback from members of the public who would like to be given a more formal opportunity to discuss the annual event’s plans.

The Lytham Festival Community Focus Group will provide a direct line of communication between the local residential and business community and the event organisers. Members will be given the opportunity to represent the views and ambitions of the town while also highlighting community projects that can be supported by the festival for the overall benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

The group will meet four times per year and will comprise:

  • An Event Management representative from Lytham Festival
  • One elected councillor representative from Lytham East Ward
  • One elected councillor representative from Lytham West Ward
  • One member of the Lytham Business Partnership executive
  • Four local residents from across the Lytham area

Launching the Community Focus Group, Lytham Festival co-founder Peter Taylor said: “We have always prided ourselves on listening to our local community, answering their questions and, where relevant, acting on suggestions they have.

“It has become clear that some residents and businesses feel there needs to be a more formal approach to this and, as ever, we have taken those comments onboard which is why I am delighted to formally announce the launch of a dedicated Lytham Festival Community Focus Group.

“The continued support of residents and businesses is essential to the continued success of Lytham Festival and we look forward to working alongside our valued neighbours.”

To find out more about the Lytham Festival Community Focus Group and to apply to become a member go to

Applications close at midday on Friday May 12th.

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  1. To Edward Cook – there has been nothing stopping FBC organising a Focus group, but they haven’t.
    It’s a positive thing not a negative one, that the licencing applicant has decided to do this, off his own back.

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