Lytham House Set To Launch At The End Of This Month

A brand new bar, restaurant and live entertainment venue is set to launch on Henry Street on Friday 25th September. The former Portofino restaurant on Henry Street has been closed since January last year and has, over past months, undergone a superb transformation courtesy of Ross Robinson’s Company, Red Fox and Peacock Limited.  Lytham House is now a fabulous, welcoming, opulent venue for socialising, eating, drinking and enjoying live entertainment. Moreover, the inspired development truly helps our local economy, the £1m refurbishment creating 65 jobs

Ross is no stranger to the local hospitality sector, also running the highly regarded Queens Hotel on Lytham sea front as well as the popular food pub, The Eagle at Weeton. He now intends the landmark site to become the best place to socialise in the town centre, offering stand-out food, drinks and service in a stunningly sophisticated botanical and luxurious setting.

The former restaurant and bar area has been imaginatively opened up to create a large relaxed space, with a 30ft tall steel tree rising through the centre of the building spanning two floors. The trunk and roots are surrounded by a marble poseur table on the ground floor, while a lit floral canopy will cascade over first floor diners creating a magical botanical ambience.  The resourceful and visionary use of space means that new venue will be able to welcome up to 650 visitors.

Ross has proudly said, ‘Portofino Italian restaurant changed the face of Lytham when it first opened, and we believe Lytham House will do the same for the town centre. It will be unlike anything else in the area – the only place where you can enjoy brunch, lunch, coffee and a selection of small or large plates in the daytime, and cocktails, dinner and live entertainment into the evening. It will also offer residents and local businesses space for celebrations, business meetings, dining, and Christmas parties.’

Pictured below is Ross, finalising the exciting plans for the opening of Lytham House on Friday 25th September.

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