Lytham Park Crematorium Hit By Vandals

Vandals have caused damage to the Lytham Park Crematorium, leading to the installation of CCTV to catch any further perpetrators. The building was vandalised during the evening of Tuesday 14th March.

A Fylde Council spokesperson said, ‘It’s hard to believe that people could be so disrespectful to a place of remembrance.  CCTV has been installed to ensure any further acts of vandalism are caught on camera.’

A worried resident has asked: ’Any chance of an update of what was vandalised? As my nana and mother have a headstone there and if headstones have been vandalised I would like to be notified so I don’t have a horrible surprise next visit.’  To which a Fylde Council spokesperson reassuringly replied:  ‘It was the building itself that was damaged.’

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