Lytham St. Anne’s Eurovision Enthusiasts Ecstatic

Eurovision enthusiasts in Lytham St. Anne’s will be overjoyed to learn that the organisers of the 2021 Competition have confirmed to the BBC that the popular show will definitely take place in Rotterdam this year. This is despite doubts and renewed uncertainty brought about by the new Europe wide restrictions centred on the Covid-19 crisis. They have confirmed to BBC executives that the show will go ahead on Saturday 22nd May.

The organisers say they hope all or most artists will travel to Rotterdam in May. However, if a participant cannot travel to Rotterdam due to the current pandemic, or in the unfortunate instance of an artist having to quarantine on site, pre-recorded performances will be used. Acts will not be asked to perform live in their home countries.

Eurovision organisers have told the BBC that participants will have to follow a ‘strict set of guidelines’ to help them record their ‘live on tape’ performances ‘to keep the competition fair’.

The new rules say, ‘The recording will take place in real time (as it would be at the contest) without making any edits to the vocals or any part of the performance itself after the recording. There will be no audience present at the live-on-tape performances. The recording should be unique and remain unpublished before the event in May. The live-on-tape recordings have to be delivered by the end of March, 2021.’ None of the 2020 songs may be carried over to this year. Instead, countries must select new entrants for the 2021 contest. However, the ‘flat, minimalistic and modern’ 2020 stage will be carried over to 2021 as that was already prepared in Rotterdam.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the pandemic. It was replaced in the UK with a programme looking back at the event’s history, including a vote to find the greatest Eurovision Song of all time. Abba’s Waterloo was named the greatest Eurovision song of all time by BBC viewers.

Graham Norton, host of the BBC’s Eurovision presentation, says he is overjoyed at the confirmed news and hopes for a UK victory.

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