More Than 10,000 Half-Litre Bottles Of Water Served Up By Fylde’s New Refill Points

New water refill points in Fylde have already supplied the equivalent of more than 10,000 half litre bottles of water.  The initiative to fill up water bottles for free is designed to reduce plastic waste and is proving such a success that eight more sites around the Fylde are been considered,

The Fylde currently has a series of water refill points – four at public toilets in St Anne’s, Lytham and Kirkham, plus two free standing at Fairhaven and Lytham Green; whilst another was included at the new recently opened North Beach public toilets.

Chairman of Environment, Health and Housing, Tommy Threlfall, said: ;These water refill stations are for residents and visitors alike and we’ve already saved the equivalent of more than 10,000 plastic bottles being bought and disposed of. This is one of the ways we’re helping reduce reliance on plastics while providing drinking water at popular locations.  I’m pleased to say that we have agreed further funding for at least 8 more sites around Fylde which are currently being inspected for suitability.’

Presently, sites are at:

  • St Anne’s – Public toilets on the Promenade (near paddling pool),
  • Ashton Gardens
  • North Beach Car Park;
  • Fairhaven Lake; Lytham
  • Public toilets at Lowther Gardens
  • Lytham Green Promenade (RNLI)
  • Kirkham- Public toilets at Market Square.

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  1. Just a wild thought on this but, instead of wasting our local taxes on eco-green virtue signalling rubbish, why not put money such as this towards repairing a few of the many 10’s of thousands of potholes on our roads.

    I know, I know……….what a mad idea spending money on something really urgent instead of crap like this.

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