Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Meets His Majesty King Charles III

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has today (Tuesday 2nd May) briefly met King Charles III – just days before the forthcoming Coronation.

An elated MP Benton said, ‘His Majesty The King is visiting Parliament today. This Coach (in featured photograph) will be used as part of the Coronation Procession on Saturday.’

The Blackpool South MP added, ‘Good to have the opportunity to briefly meet His Majesty The King and pass on my best wishes ahead of the Coronation.’

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  1. The level of corruption and deceit is self evident when it comes to dodgy Tory mp’s and the so called royal family.

  2. Astonishing brass neck of this guy who is currently suspended from his Party for dishonest behaviour. Who arranged this meeting?

  3. Is there no stopping this dillusional idiot?
    Suspended from parliament, under investigation and still he weedles his way into the limelight any way he can, the self-serving cretin.
    Has he no humility? No conscience.
    Of course not, he’s a Tory…

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