Owners Of JR Taylors Acquire Next Door HSBC Bank & Revise Plans

The new owners of the former JR Taylors premises in St. Anne’s have acquired the permanently closed Grade 2 listed HSBC bank building next door and have submitted a revised planning application to Fylde Council.

The application includes:

  • A spa at basement level
  • A restaurant, bar and spa entrance at ground floor level
  • Massage rooms and spa dining at first floor
  • A VIP bar at second floor
  • A roof bar at third floor

These feature in the application which can be found by following the link below under reference 23/0143.

Fylde Council’s Town Centre Group Chairman, Richard Redcliffe, said: ‘This application is at an early stage but represents an exciting opportunity to progress a key development site in St Anne’s (after due planning process and scrutiny). Repurposing this iconic building space could act as a catalyst for future town centre regeneration.’

4 Responses

  1. One has to stop and think does St Annes really need so many new bars? What kind of folk will the new facility bring to the town?
    How many more restaurants do we need? If it is to be a high quality restaurant with quality surroundings, 5star food and service at a reasonable price yes but can this be done?
    Is this going to be another sleazy place for massage and “other activities”? There are enough such places in Blackpool I understand and there is no need to bring such a place to us here.
    I just hope the authorities look carefully at the suggestions being put forward and act on the best possible way for St Annes to continue to bring a high quality of living for its inhabitants.

  2. St Annes desperately needs some regeneration in the socialising and entertainment area. Its played second fiddle to Lytham’s bars and cafes and nightlife for far too long. I
    t would also be nice for it to include areas to have small independent shops which also encourages people to come into the town.

    This could be an exciting project, I hope it doesn’t let us down.

  3. I don’t understand what anyone would think the town needs more bars? We could do with a good, reasonably priced, home cooked restaurant but not another generic, chain place to eat. Surely there is someone who could create a pleasant adult space?

    Here’s hoping.

  4. Hmm. Looking at the plans, the bars and restaurants could be very nice indeed. Some of the other areas however (massage areas, supper room with themed beds) look like places for adult fun.
    We’ll see.

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