Police To Tackle Youths Illegally Entering & Damaging JR Taylors & Old Council Building

A Fylde Police Spokesperson has today (Friday 25th August) said that their officers have seen an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) surrounding the old council building and JR Taylors, which are both currently being renovated.

As a consequence, they are working with Fylde Council to tackle ASB in the St Anne’s area.

Sergeant Paul Glennon-Hill said: ‘A considerable amount of money is being invested into both buildings, which will be of benefit to the local community. However local youths seem to be attracted to entering both buildings and causing damage.

There are considerable safety concerns as building sites are dangerous places, especially when people choose to climb on unstable roof areas.

We just need youths, and their parents or guardians, to be reminded of the potential consequences of illegal activities in these premises. Any criminal offences will be investigated and pursued.’

Fylde Council and Fylde Police have been working together with the businesses involved to increase CCTV coverage. There will also be an increase in police patrols.

Councillor Christopher Dixon, the Lead member for Social Wellbeing, added: ‘The renovations to take place by the building formally known as JR Taylors are crucial to the town. We are very concerned to hear of anti-social behaviour committed by some youths and the safety risks associated with this behaviour. We encourage the public to continue to report any anti-social behaviour to the police, who will determine the most effective way to prevent it. I would also urge parents to ensure they know where their children are going and what they are doing so the community is not impacted. We look forward to the reconstruction works being completed and remaining on schedule. Fylde Council will continue to work in partnership with the Police to ensure the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour are dealt with.’

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