Return Of Ban On Fracking Welcomed By MPs Menzies & Benton

Prime Minster Rishi Sunak’s announcement today (Wednesday 26th October) to reinstate the ban on fracking in England has been warmly welcomed by Fylde MP Mark Menzies and Blackpool South MP Scott Benton. The process to extract gas was banned after tremors at energy firm Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in 2019. Despite being in the Conservative Party’s manifesto, the ban was controversially lifted by the short-lived Prime Minister Liz Truss in her ill-fated mini-budget.  Labour and other opposition parties called for a return of the ban.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has issued this statement, ‘It has been confirmed this afternoon that the moratorium on fracking will remain in place. The moratorium was triggered by a seismic event here in Fylde that was 251 times more powerful than the industry-agreed safe limit. It has always been my view the moratorium should not be lifted; I am pleased to hear the Prime Minister is in agreement.

In recent weeks I have made clear to the Government the impact fracking has had on communities here in Fylde, voiced the scale of local opposition and highlighted the fact that the science has not changed. I have been fighting hard to ensure both Parliament and local people would have a say on fracking.

Today’s decision goes beyond that and is one I know will be broadly welcomed here in Fylde.

I will continue to work to protect our countryside and our local communities, clear in the view that Fylde’s geology is entirely unsuited to the resumption of fracking. I will also push the Government on investment in our renewables and nuclear sector, supporting local jobs and energy security.’

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton said, ‘Yesterday, I sent a letter to the Prime Minister on fracking urging him to consider reinstating the ban and honouring our manifesto commitment. I also raised this with all of those running to become PM.

I’m pleased to see the ban reinstated and whilst it is vital that we diversify our energy supply and ensure foreign actors cannot use energy against us in the future, there are better alternatives available.’

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  1. Don’t believe a word about what Mark Menzies says in this report.

    At the end of the day, he recently voted against the Labour motion to abolish fracking i.e. he voted to support fracking. No IFs or BUT’s……………………..he supported fracking!!!

    If he says he only did this due to ‘party or Government concerns or process’, then he is guilty of putting both Conservative Party and personal interests ABOVE those of the constituents he is supposed to represent.

    Mr Menzies should be consigned to the MP scrapheap at the next election.

  2. Whatever is going on with government or Mr Menzies, fracking should be totally banned as soon as possible.
    Most of us in Lancashire do not want it. I think that’s been made clear enough.
    It’s far too harmful to the environment.
    It will not solve our gas problems.
    It is not cost effective and not sustainable.

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