Ridiculous Rubbish Pile Up Adds to Wood Street Woes

Local’s are dismayed by the ridiculous rubbish pile up on Wood Street in St Annes. The trip hazard has been spotted by a local who immediately took a photograph to share on Facebook with other residents.

The bin bags full of rubbish seem to have been left overnight as the ground is dry underneath. A somewhat unwanted addition to the new car park on Wood Street.

Local, Maureen Stephenson who passed the rubbish said “St Annes is just going further downhill. This rubbish represents the current situation we are facing, and it’s just getting worse.”

Miffed off Maureen also added “This rubbish was just scattered all over the street until members of the public complained to the council the council came and bagged it up but it’s still left here and it’s a total eyesore!”

There is concern in the area that an onslaught of hungry seagulls will reopen the bags as frenzied pecking will exacerbate the issue and the rubbish will be left again all over the woeful Wood Street.
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