Local youth caught in the act bullying younger children at Stanley Park

A local has taken to social media to find the parents of a year 7 boy after she caught another boy bullying and abusing him at Stanley Park yesterday afternoon (14th October).
A group of 2 school girls and 2 boys were playing nicely in the park, when an older boy, around the age of 15 went over, shouting and swearing at the girls and throwing things at them. Later on the boy was caught with one of the younger boys in a “chokehold”, dragging him to the floor.
The lady who witnessed the act made her way over to the scene in order to intervene and stop the young boy from being hurt, however the bully fled on his bike to avoid confrontation with an adult.
The heroic lady who came to the aid of the group of children asked them if they were okay, and they exclaimed that they were only in year 7 (11/12 years old) and the older boy was in year 10 (14/15 years old), stating that they didn’t actually know him but he had targeted them as they were younger.
The blonde boy who had been in the chokehold, had various red marks on his neck and was “absolutely petrified in case he came back.”
The local heroine has taken to Facebook to ask parents to check if their child is being bullied and to make sure their children are safe and well. The young terrified boy was wearing a Nike/Adidas black tracksuit, and had blonde hair.
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