Roy Chubby Brown Back In Blackpool Having Been Cancelled In The Canaries

Controversial comedian Roy Chubby Brown is glad to be back in Blackpool for three further gigs in 2023 having been cancelled in the Canaries. His gig at a family hotel in Lanzarote was pulled from the upcoming schedule of entertainment after parents complained it was a ‘disgusting’ act to hold in a venue which hosts young children.

The show was set to take place next month, on 7th September, hosted by Gary Gobstopper (see poster below).

Chubby Brown is best known for his provocative stage show which often includes sexually explicit and controversial humour – but his manager assured fans online he would certainly  ‘never’ perform where children could hear. At the time of the cancellation a spokesperson for travel agent TUI, which sells package holidays to families for the resort, told The Daily Mail, ‘We would like to thank our customers for raising their concerns regarding this performance organised by the hotel. We can confirm that this performance will no longer be taking place’.

A spokesperson for Roy Chubby Brown said he is now looking forward to returning to Blackpool, which has become his second home, for three further shows in 2023, adding “Roy is part and parcel of Blackpool now. He’s a stick of Blackpool rock. He’s synonymous with Blackpool, and the locals appreciate that he has brought so much money to the town over the years, because the fans do stay over, they book into hotels. Over 30 years, he’s probably brought in a fortune. He should be the one switching on the Illuminations. He’s the one who should be turning the lights on. Chubby loves Blackpool, and Blackpool loves him.”

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