Scott Benton Says Boris Saw How ‘The Tens Of Millions We’ve Had In Government Investment Is Being Spent’

Following the PM’s controversial visit to Blackpool yesterday MP Scott Benton has published a wealth of photographs of himself (a selection can be seen below) with Boris.  On his Facebook page, MP Benton proclaims that the PM visited the town ‘to see the tens of millions we’ve had in government investment is being spent.’

MP Benton in his post exemplifies this statement by claiming:

  • £39.5 million in a town deal
  • £9 million for Houndshill and Abingdon St market
  • £130 million extra in Covid support for businesses and local people
  • Millions more in support for our schools, NHS and for the Police. All part of Levelling Up and because the government recognise the challenges we face in Blackpool.

Scott Benton’s post has attracted many comments.  For example, Phil Nuttall wrote:

‘Scott… seriously!! £130m on Covid support for local businesses. I have approached you several times for help.

No business is more Blackpool than my 4th generation family business the Travel Village, (formerly Bourne Travel) 63 years looking after local people and yet you only gave me £10k…when you knew we couldn’t Furlough people….in fact we had to and still are employing LOCAL people to deal with all the cancellations, rebooks, flight changes and government policy changes on vaccination policies.

You have to be kidding me!! I don’t suppose you will be writing off my interest payments on a quarter of million-pound loan to keep local people employed and putting food on their table and keeping my phone lines open to look after the people of Blackpool who need help with constant questions about travel requirements.

Shocking statement and despite your lack of support, I know that I can rely on the people of Blackpool and the Fylde to support the Travel Village and my team who’ve been to hell and back.’

Fylde PM Mark Menzies was also present, but at the time of writing he has yet to share photographs with his constituents.

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