‘Sex-Crazed’ Male Spiders Invading Lytham St. Anne’s Homes As Mating Season Starts

Spider season has begun early in the UK.  According to ‘Fantastic Pest Control’ the spider season commences in September, but 2023’s cooler August weather has meant that it has started early.

After the summer months, spiders in the UK become more prevalent in homes as the weather cools. As a consequence of the chilly air, spiders love to lurk inside homes, sheds and garages as they seek drier, warmer conditions.

And during spider season sex-crazed male spiders are particularly often seen in homes frantically searching for a mate. They hastily pursuit partners to lay eggs before the winter starts to ensure hatchlings the following spring. A female spider usually calmly stays in one place for her entire life, but a male spider is always eagerly on the move. So watch out for these randy males spiders in your Lytham St. Anne’s home!

Spider season usually peaks in October, when many spider species reach maturity. As temperatures drop further, spiders retreat to their winter hiding spots. Therefore, spider season in the UK typically winds down by November.

Professor Adam Hart, a leading Entomologist at the University of Gloucestershire, says, ‘There’s nearly always a way to get in the house, they can also come in through things like towels that are left outside. Keeping your house tidy and keeping clothes off the floor may reduce places for them to hide, but it’s very difficult to keep them out.’

Meanwhile, don’t worry!  Of the 650 species of spider in the UK, most are too small to be able to bite. A spider will not bite a human unless it feels threatened or cornered. Generally, spiders do not attack humans and will bite only out of self-defence.

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