Grants for small local businesses launched

Applications for the Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary) can now be submitted online for small businesses that are not eligible for other support and have been most impacted by the COVID restrictions. Full details and a link to the online application form are available below ūüĎá

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) has been established by central government to provide support to small local businesses that have been most adversely affected as a result of the national lockdown restrictions in place from 5 November until 2 December 2020, and which have not been required to close under the regulations

Full details of the national guidance for this grant can be found at this link.

The fund is limited and therefore will be used to support as many local small businesses as possible that are a priority for the Fylde economy.  The fund is a single allocation based on £20 per head of population (ONS 2019 Mid-Year Population Estimates) for each local authority to operate a discretionary grant scheme, targeted at businesses that are not eligible for the Local Restrictions Support Group (Closed), are priority businesses in the local economy, and that are severely impacted by the COVID 19 measures.

Who should apply for the ARG?

The ARG is aimed at a range of priority businesses in the Fylde economy including the following:

  • Leisure, hospitality and tourism businesses without business rate accounts that have not been eligible for any other support
  • Small businesses in shared rented space e.g. market traders not eligible for any other support
  • Small businesses that remain open during the national lockdown but have experienced a significant loss of income due to national restrictions
  • Amateur sports clubs, charities and community recreational associations not eligible for any other support
  • Home workers experiencing significant loss of income due to national restrictions


In order to be eligible to apply for the ARG the business must:

  • Be located and trading primarily in the¬†Fylde borough area
  • Have been trading on, and before 16th¬†October,
  • Be adversely affected by the restrictions introduced in Tier 3 and the national lockdown
  • Have less than 40 employees
  • Have ongoing fixed premise building related costs associated to the business


The following exclusions will apply:

  • Businesses that are part of a large regional or national chain / franchise
  • Businesses that are eligible for a¬†Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed)
  • Businesses that are in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made


An application should only be completed using the link below if a business meets the eligibility criteria and is not exempt having read the information above. Please¬†DO NOT¬†apply if the business does not meet the required criteria ‚Äď an award cannot be made.

Assessment & Award

Three levels of grant will be available through the ARG scheme; £1000, £2000 or £3000. The amount awarded to eligible applicants will be based on an assessment of the evidence provided against the following criteria:

  • The impact of lockdown measures on income to the business, considering whether the business has been able to continue any trading (including online)
  • Any impact on the ability to trade as a result of social distancing¬†and lockdown¬†measures e.g. additional cost to address COVID measures
  • The financial viability of the business in terms of cash flow and reserves

Only a single one-off award will be made per business so please do not submit multiple applications for multiple premises.

Grant Conditions

  • Only one grant per eligible business (not one per business premise) will be paid.
  • Businesses must have been trading as normal on the 16th¬†October 2020
  • The business must be located and primarily trading in the Fylde borough
  • Grants will only be paid to the business bank account.
  • Businesses will receive a single grant payment
  • This funding is only available for eligible local businesses adversely affected by the Tier 3 and national lockdown measures

Tax Implications

  • Grant income received by a business is taxable, therefore the Local Restrictions Support Grant will need to be included as income in the tax return of the business.
  • Only businesses which make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax.

Do state aid rules apply?

The Additional Restrictions Grant counts towards state aid. The rules are fully explained in the government state aid guidance. By accepting this grant, you must confirm that you are not in breach of these rules.

How to apply?

Click here to begin your application

The deadline to apply for the Fylde ARG scheme is 5pm Friday 18 December.

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