Tory Supporter, 78, Breaks Her Silence Over MP Menzies ‘Life Or Death’ 3 a.m. Cash Demand

Katie Fieldhouse, 78, a former Lady Mayoress of Fylde, has shared the news she is the previously undisclosed woman who received a call from scandal-hit Fylde MP Mark Menzies at approximately 3.15 a.m. on 1st December 2023. This was the call during which the MP allegedly frantically asked for £5,000 as he was locked in a flat with ‘some bad people’.

Very importantly, the Lytham St. Anne’s pensioner has told the Daily Mirror that in January this year she indeed did contact the Tory party to express her “concerns” about Mr Menzies.  She has confirmed that she gave a full account of that now well-reported incident to Tory Chief Whip Simon Hart, and said she felt let down that no action had been taken against him until the allegations were made public yesterday.

Katie Fieldhouse told the Mirror, ‘I spoke to the chief whip on the 3rd of January and told him my concerns. All the things that had happened accumulated in my head. I came to the conclusion that something had to be done about it because I have a great fondness for my constituency.’

Asked about the allegations overshadowing MP Menzies, Katie Fieldhouse would not comment when asked if she thought the MP should resign. However, she said: ‘I put my faith in the Conservative Party to deal with Mr Menzies. I am a devout Conservative, all my life, and also a devout Christian, and I cannot accept his behaviour. It is very upsetting.’

The Mail Online has today (18th April) also disclosed Katie Fieldhouse’s information writing, ‘Speaking at her neat bungalow in Lytham St Anne’s, the respected local figure said Conservative voters in the upmarket seaside resort ‘deserve better’ from the party.’  Further questioned by the Mail on whether the Conservative Party had treated her allegations sufficiently seriously up until yesterday, she replied: ‘It was three and a half months ago – you can draw your own conclusions.’

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