Media Say Mark Menzies Missing. Where Is Our MP?

Embattled Fylde MP Mark Menzies cannot currently be found by media organisations wishing to question him about the current allegations. For example, the BBC issued this statement, ‘ The BBC has approached Mr Menzies several times but he has not responded.’ TV News reporters likewise cannot find him. Yesterday evening (Thursday 18th April) North West Tonight reported, ‘Mr Menzies wasn’t at his home today.’ They also added ‘No-one from the local Conservative Party was available.’

However, the Tory activist, Katie Fieldhouse (pictured below), who was  allegedly called by the scandal-hit MP in the early hours of the morning asking for money has told the BBC she is “appalled” by the party’s response. Speaking through tears, she recounted the conversation she says she had with Fylde MP Mr Menzies in December of last year. At her home in St Anne’s she told the BBC, that MP Menzies told her: “I’ve got in with some bad people and they’ve got me locked in a flat and they won’t let me out until I pay them £5,000. I said ‘I beg your pardon’. He said ‘it’s life or death Katie, I need £5,000 from the account’.”

Katie Fieldhouse continued, “I am not having this brushed under the carpet. The party has been part of my life, I’ve run every election campaign here for 40 years. I work myself into the ground for the party – all they hear is a 78-year-old little old lady.”

The Tories have already selected Mr Menzies to run again in the Fylde Tory safe seat with a 16,611 majority, but Katie Fieldhouse now says she wants him to resign, saying ‘I watch people go for a walk in this quiet area. Do I want them to go out and vote for a man who gets himself locked up and needs money to get him out? No. If he falls on his sword… go away and start afresh. That’s what I would like to happen.’

No one from the local Conservative party was willing to speak to reporters about the scandal-hit MP Mark Menzies.

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