URGENT APPEAL: Local Pet Cat STOLEN by thief in the early hours CAPTURED on CCTV!

An upset local has spoken to Lytham St Annes News about the heartbreaking moment his pet cat was stolen from his home early on Thursday morning (26 November)

Steve Bates told Lytham St Annes News “I’ve had Elfie for 2 years as a kitten I raised… We let him and his brothers and sisters out before work on Thursday 26th November approx 6am… Everyone came home about an hour later apart from Elfie… We thought this was very unusual and suspected something was wrong… I went out looking and calling for him to no avail… The next day he still hadn’t come home, I checked the CCTV and saw a man approaching very slowly on a push bike, carrying a large bag, hoodie on… Looking in my front garden, it appears that he stopped just out of view of the camera and my cats were running around the street like something was chasing them and that’s the last I saw of Elfie?”

The incident happened on Cameron Avenue, Layton (FY3)

Dave added “it looks like the thief headed towards Devonshire Road way”.

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