With A Sweltering Weekend In Store A Timely Reminder Regarding The Barbecue Ban In Public Areas

It’s going to be scorcher this weekend and Fylde Council are raising awareness and making everyone aware that outdoor cooking, barbeques and disposable BBQs are not permitted in specified public areas.

The ban requires a person to not light or cook on any barbecue in the area where the order applies (see list below). This ban also requires a person to not bring any barbecue into an area where the order applies with the intention of lighting it or cooking on it there, knowing that doing so is prohibited. “Barbecue” includes any outdoor temporary cooking facility or equipment. Failure to comply with the orders will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £50 with the possibility of being prosecuted in the Magistrates’ Court for a criminal offence and being fined up to £1,000. The Council says there will be patrols of public open spaces 7 days a week, including evening and weekends to improve safety. Officers will be given delegated powers to issue Fix Penalties for beaches to the order as well as tackle more general issues of undesirable and anti-social behaviour (ASB) on parks, open spaces, nature areas and beaches. These officers will be operating in a multi-agency scenario, working alongside the police and the fire services in providing a sense of personal safety for all, encouraging positive behaviour and effectively dealing with incidents.

This order applies to

  • St Anne’s Square open spaces
  • Open space adjoining South Promenade and Inner Promenade, St Anne’s
  • Peace and Happiness Garden, St Anne’s
  • Lytham Green
  • Fairhaven Lake
  • Various car parks
  • Ashton Gardens, St Anne’s
  • MiniLinks Golf Course, St Anne’s
  • Lytham St Anne’s beaches and sand dunes
  • Promenade Gardens, St Anne’s
  • Fylde Sand Dunes Local Nature Reserve

The Council hopes that by prohibiting BBQs this will help to further protect the Borough’s designated nature reserves, ecological sites and the associated wildlife.

Councillor Cheryl Little has said: ‘We want residents and visitors to use parks, open spaces and beaches responsibly and safely. The Council has considered this matter carefully taking into account all views submitted and on balance has decided to introduce this restriction. We hope that visitors and residents will understand why we have had to take this action, and will enjoy a simple picnic whilst visiting’.

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