Amanda Holden Faces Her Fears With Petrifying 500ft Climb Up Blackpool Tower

Britain’s Got Talent star, Amanda Holden faced her fears this morning (Monday 2nd October) as she climbed Blackpool Tower, taking on the terrifying challenge for Heart Radio charity, Global’s Make Some Noise

Amanda said it was the scariest thing she’s ever done in her life, but, according to Global Radio, still managed to secure herself a personal record by reaching a higher point on the tower than any other person – ever.

Amanda let out shrieks of joy after finally pressing the buzzer, shouting out ‘I love you’ to her husband and two daughters from the top. The BGT judge added ‘Honestly, if you were thinking of having a posh sandwich today from M&S or Ocado, please don’t, please give it to Global’s Make Some Noise. I’m so glad I wore my brown pants today!’

On sharing what the most petrifying part was, the BGT star said: ‘The worst bit is when you’re actually at the very, very top and everyone is encouraging you to lean out, so you have no hands on anything and you’re just harnessed in. I thought that was the worst bit, but then you’re coming down and you have to look down to see where you’re gonna put your feet, and you’re literally putting your feet on the iron Victorian scrolls that are just there for decoration. Coming down felt almost worse than going up.’


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