Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Pledges Support For Johnson Saying – ‘Bring Back Boris’

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has announced that he supporting Boris Johnson in the upcoming Conservative Leadership race – and consequently the country’s next Prime Minister.

MP Benton says, ‘I’m supporting Boris to be our next Prime Minister. I’ve based this decision on who can get our country through this difficult economic period, who believes in Blackpool and our potential, and who I think most of you would support leading our nation.

We need a leader with a proven record of delivery and getting the big calls right and somebody who’s got the experience to do the job. Boris has both – he also already has a direct mandate from the people.

He has made mistakes during his previous period in office – he has apologised time and time again for these. If he does come back he needs to learn from these mistakes and run a better operation at No 10 and deliver on your priorities. I believe he can do this.

He was a brilliant friend to Blackpool during his time in No 10. I hope he wins this leadership contest and whilst I know not every will agree with my decision I hope you can appreciate the reasons why I’m supporting him.’


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  1. For heaven’s sake!
    No, No, No, No… Once was enough!
    Absolutely NOT!!!
    It took too long to remove that clown from office – he must not be allowed back.
    If Boris Johnson gets to be PM again, we are truly SCREWED!

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