Home News Following More Fines, Fylde Council Reminds Dog Walkers Of The Extent Of The Exclusion Zone.

Following More Fines, Fylde Council Reminds Dog Walkers Of The Extent Of The Exclusion Zone.

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Fylde Council has today issued a reminder about the exclusion zone following many complaints about fines from the recently acquired District Enforcement Officers.  This reinforces that the zone extends seaward all the way to the tideline.

The reminder states: ‘The dog exclusion zone on the amenity section of St Anne’s beach and sand dunes stretches from the Lifeboat Station slipway to the northern end of North Prom car park, extending seaward all the way to the tideline.  District Enforcement officers are out patrolling and will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £100 to anyone found to be:

 Not picking up their dog’s mess
 Having their dogs in exclusion zones or not on leads when instructed

Dogs can still be freely walked on the vast space either side of the amenity beach towards Lytham or Blackpool.’

One comment on the Fylde Council Facebook page states:  ‘Such a shame you didn’t mention it extending out to sea in your April newsletter ! Then after dozens of complaints after fining people a £100 pounds you decide you better add it on because NOBODY KNEW !!! And how could they ???? Plus the website you have in your newsletter and on the signs www.fylde.gov.uk/dogs to explain all the dog exclusion zones and rules is still down despite me reporting this to the dog warden weeks ago . Wonder why you have bad reviews and are known as FB clowncil !’

A visitor from Leyland commented: ‘I hope you’ve put some more signs up from the sand dunes. It’s looking like there are a good number of people like me, who aren’t local, who entered the beach via the dunes who have proved easy targets for your enforcement officers. Great money spinner. Concentrate, perhaps, on litter louts and those who don’t pick up dog mess.’

Another comment states: ‘l was actually walking out along the shoreline from Lytham to Squires Gate with my dog out past the old jetty when l was stopped. The amenity beach as understood is where the amenities are surely? I would never think of taking my dog there. Children playing people having picnics etc. But 7.30am 3/4 mile out. Leaving only footprints in the sand. No signs. Incorrect information. £100? Really?’

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