Immersive IMAX Cinema – The Backlot – Opens In Blackpool On Friday

The Backlot Cinema and Diner in Blackpool is all set to open later this week, on Friday, March 22. The first film to be shown on the IMAX screen will be Denis Villeneuve’s sequel, Dune: Part Two.

The screen, measuring 10.85m high and 19.87m wide, will be equipped with the company’s most advanced theatrical experience, IMAX with Laser. Immersive by design, IMAX with Laser has been developed from the ground up to deliver crystal clear, lifelike images and precision audio.

The £21m multiplex cinema, featuring one of the largest IMAX screens in the country accompanied by a themed Backlot Diner, is part of the second phase of the Houndshill Shopping Centre.

The Backlot’s business manager Fabio Vidotti said: ‘We have been busy working on building a fantastic cinematic wonderland and we can’t wait to welcome the Blackpool community to see what we’ve created. The Backlot will bring an unrivalled experience to the town, from the delicious diner to the big screen cinema, the exceptional event calendar and the five-star service that will be part of every visit.’

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