LSA High Head Responds to LSA News School Lockdown Article

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 29th November) Lytham St. Anne’s News reported upon the lockdown which impacted upon the life and work of Lytham St. Anne’s High School. To access the full article simply click this link: The exclusive report was illustrated by the photograph shared below.

The Headteacher, Ray Baker, has responded to the article by sending this communication to parents and carers of students at the school. This is also shared below.

In his response Mr Baker says that there was an incident in the school involving two young children. He says that the Police arrived due to the risk they were posing to themselves. Mr Baker, for reasons explained in the full communication shared below, says that he brought forward a planned lockdown rehearsal and asked teachers not to send the children out. Mr Baker admits that the timings and possible connections subsequently proved this to be a ‘bad call’ on his part, but he says there was no threat.

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