MP Scott Benton Leads Tories In Move To Defund BBC

The Tory MP for Blackpool South, Scott Benton, is leading the way in calling for the BBC Licence Fee to be scrapped.

Speaking in Parliament (see below) MP Benton used the recent case of Gary Lineker to exemplify his argument to scrap the licence fee, which is currently £159 per year

In a debate under the headline ‘BBC: Government Role in Impartiality’ the Tory Blackpool South MP said, ‘The self-inflicted chaos of the last few days and the BBC’s apparent unwillingness to enforce its own impartiality rules have made it a laughing stock. It is clear that it is now overpaid sports presenters, rather than executives, who are truly calling the shots. Many of my constituents have long regarded the BBC licence fee as a regressive, decades-old and out-of-date tax. Is it not time that we had a grown-up conversation about its future?’

He has since written, ‘The Licence Fee is a regressive tax on the poorest households and scrapping it would save you £172 pounds per year (from next April). The world of TV has moved on and a licence fee to support one particular broadcaster is no longer required.’

Not everyone agrees with MP Benton, however.

Giving a full response, Paul Norkeed argued, ‘The BBC is not like any other broadcaster, but you know that. It provides hundreds of hours of live and hundreds of hours of free output per day across TV, radio and other media and platforms. Everyone listens to or watches the BBC whether they say they do or don’t. The BBC has a role in society that other commercial broadcasters don’t and that role wouldn’t be filled unless someone paid them. Some advert breaks can last 6 or 7 minutes in some commercial channels and some 30-minute shows take up 40-minute slots due to all the adverts.

Do you want the BBC abolished or turned in to a clone of all the others.?

More and more each day you turn into a Tory clone. There’s no reason for removing the license fee really, it’s just what your type support – like sending people to Africa for example or just inviting right wing press that might write favourable articles.’

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  1. I think Benton must be a stooge in the Tory Party for the Reform Party or other hard right, populist tribe. £13 a month for all of the BBC’s output is astonishingly good value for money compared to the other subscription based broadcasters.

    Chill out Scott. Go and have a Coke.

  2. Well done Sir. We have all had enough of the drip feed of left wing, woke poison from the BBC and WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT???

  3. It’s funny how the hard left are always in favour of freedom of choice, except when it comes to the funding of the hard left output of the BBC. Make it subscription based and if it’s so great, then the public will subscribe and the BBC will have nothing to worry about. The hard left know that most people don’t want to be preached to by the likes of Lineker. and don’t want to listen to the constant BBC anti-Tory ranting (as on display here).

  4. The Tories dislike anyone who disagree with them. If The BBC reported everything the Tories do as favourable, they would not be labelling the BBC as lefties.
    The BBC has a brilliant reputation as being unbiased and truthful on their reporting, and it is the best value ever TV service.
    The Tories have problem with truth.
    They can’t handle the truth.
    Especially when it puts them in disrepute!
    Keep the BBC
    Scrap the Tories!

  5. Hats off to the fella for saying what the majority of the nation are thinking about the poorly run, woke, indoctrinating leftist agenda they keep trying to throw down my face. Their TV programming has become irrelevant for anyone of my generation, I watch what I want when I want online. BBC bully boy harassment letters need to end as well, how many forests does it take to send a weeks worth of letters to the majority of the nation who have already decided to give up on this Marxist corporation.

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