St. Anne’s Beach Dog Exclusion Zone Returns On Good Friday – But Some Not Happy!

The dog exclusion zone on the amenity beach at St Anne’s starts on 7th April (Good Friday) until 30th September.

The amenity beach is located between the slipway for St Anne’s Lifeboat Station and the northern end of North Promenade Car Park (by the Danfo toilets) extending seaward to the mean low water mark.

There is also a seasonal dogs-on-leads restriction for the Promenade and Promenade Gardens between Fairhaven Car Park and North Promenade Car Park for the same period.

The amenity beach area is relatively small, leaving dog walkers a vast amount of beach stretching towards Squires Gate northwards and Lytham Quays southwards.

Legislation is in place across the whole borough for the removal and disposal of dog fouling that requires the person in charge of a dog to pick up and dispose of dog fouling in a bin marked suitable for dog waste.

All litter bins in Fylde are multi-purpose and can be used to dispose of both litter and dog fouling. Offenders can get a fixed penalty notice of £100.

But not everyone is happy with this exclusion zone.  One dog walker said: ‘It makes me laugh this. People have to walk their dogs 365 days a year. But once the weather makes it pleasurable to do so – you’re not welcome anymore because the nice areas belong to “families”. But families also have dogs. So they have to go on an area of the beach miles away from any amenities that you need when you have small children.’

Another said, ‘ So basically the ‘dog safe zone’ is the area where families go including pet dogs, perhaps have the zone the other way round….don’t like dogs stay out the family zone!’

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  1. There’s a lot of families with children and no dogs, their children should be able to run around and play in a dog free zone. When dogs are let loose on sandy beaches deposits get missed until someone comes along and there’s more than sand between the toes. Sad but true….

  2. Can we fine people for leaving all their rubbish behind as twice now my dogs have had injuries from drinks cans, glass bottles that have been left by no dog families.

    Why are pet owners always maid out to be the bad guys.

    I always pick up after my dogs, and take my rubbish to a bin or home with me.

    It unfair that pet owners are penalised for having a pet.

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