Spago Is NOT Up For Sale – Restaurant Dispels Confusing Rumours

Spago. the popular Mediterranean and seafood restaurant, situated on Dicconson Terrance in Lytham is not up for sale, according to owner Tony Vavoso. He says ‘ We would like to clear up any confusion in regards to our restaurant being up for sale. Spagó has never been, and is not up for sale.

In the current climate, we are constantly evolving and investing time and money into the business to ensure it always surpasses our customers’ expectations and remains a staple in the heart of Lytham. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do and we hope you that will continue to support us, as you always have done.

Here’s to summer 2023 and many, many more summers to come!’

This has reassured many residents and businesses. One local business said, ‘Thank Goodness for that. I was told in January it was up for sale, among other personal information. This is from someone who isn’t yourself Tony so I ignored it.’

A regular customer said,  I’m so pleased to hear this Tony. I did hear rumours but glad you have shot them down. Keep up the great work you and your team do. ‘ Another said, ‘Very very happy to hear that! Nearly had a panic attack!’


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