There’s A Record Resurgence & A Vinyl Revival As A Dedicated Store Hits Lytham

For the last five years there has been a record resurgence with a remarkable rise in the popularity of vinyl. And this vinyl revival continues to grow as vinyl records are truly making a comeback. Whilst vinyl records have previously been associated with middle-aged people with a nostalgic affection for LPs, current research shows that the main driving force behind today’s vinyl revival is actually millennial and Gen Z consumers. Around half of those buying vinyl these days are under 35, and young people are spearheading the modern rebirth of this traditional medium.

Despite the incredible growth of online streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Tidal over the past 15 years, vinyl has also seen a resurgence in interest and sales in the music industry. Statistics show that one in five of all albums purchased in the UK is now vinyl.  According to the BPI, people bought almost 5 million vinyl records in 2021.

And, as a consequence of this trend, Lytham is crying out for a record store, so if you have any old records in the attic then simply bring them in to Hollywood Exports and they will buy them! Resident expert Matt has been dealing vinyl records for 25 years and has a vast knowledge. He’s even one of the dealers on Dickinson’s Real Deal, specialising in vintage toys and vinyl records. Fair prices will be paid or customers can even exchange old records for store credit in Hollywood Exports.

Matt (pictured below) says, ‘Bring them by or call 07854380100 and we can visit you. And for all vinyl collectors something big is coming soon!!!’

You will find Hollywood Exports at 8 Market Place next door to Lytham Kitchen.


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  1. Rubbish shop wasted trip and time after promise it would be open queue of 10 people and never opened waited 2 hrs

  2. Same experience as others. Not open after 11 on a.Tuesday. Why waste your time going?

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