Tory Blackpool MP Wades Into The Debate Centred On 223 Asylum Seekers Being Accommodated At Seafront Metropole

Paul Maynard, Tory MP for Blackpool North (pictured below)  has now voiced his opinion on the Home Office’s decision to house 223 asylum seekes at the seafront Britannia Metropole Hotel.

The MP  says, ‘I share the Council’s concern and regarded this as short-sighted, panic measure which shows no concern for either refugees or local people.

Whilst we will always seek as a community to be welcoming to those in greatest need, a group of this size, placed in what is already one of the most deprived wards in the country, places a strain on the local community and services which already face immense challenges, and does not help the refugees in any way either.

I have made clear that the Metropole is a deeply, deeply inappropriate choice of accommodation, no matter how short the duration of the stay. I had lengthy and forceful discussions with the relevant Minister and am only disappointed he did not see fit to listen to my warnings.

I will continue to urge Ministers to move these individuals on to more sustainable settings urgently.’

He later provided this clarification, ‘I gather from the Blackpool Council press release that the individuals placed in the Metropole are classed as “asylum seekers”. I continue to raise concerns with the Government.’


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