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What Would Be The Consequence Of A Cumulative Impact Area (CIA) in Lytham?

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Worries from a number of ‘concerned residents’ have spring-boarded a Cumulative Impact Assessment for an area of Lytham Town Centre defined as Beach Street to Station Road, and Westby Street to Lytham Green.  This assessment relates to a perceived ‘increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, cocaine/drug use in the area, breaches of the licensing objectives, live music regularly played in public spaces … causing a public nuisance.’  It also shares concerns about the storage of waste at licensed premises.

Historically, cumulative impact assessments have been initiated within cities with anti-social problems, as such an assessment tool for licensing authorities to limit the growth of licensed premises (both on and off-licences) in what is evidentially a problem area. The limitation on the growth of such outlets and venues is then imposed in the Cumulative Impact Area (CIA).

This cumulative impact assessment in Lytham has been seen by some as part of a pincer movement to change the hospitality landscape of the town, perhaps even curtailing the acclaimed Lytham Festival. Those with concerns about the consequence of  the assessment ask, ‘Is there any evidence that the number or density of licensed premises in Lytham is having a cumulative impact and leading to problems which are undermining licensing objectives?’

However, having taking on board the worries of these ‘concerned residents’, the Fylde Licensing Committee have decided to carry out a consultation exercise. The impact could potentially assist in managing the number, type and density of licensed premises within this area of Lytham. Licensed premises included within this exercise are those places which sell alcohol, provide late-night hot food or hot drinks (between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.), or where a range of sporting, music or performance events take place.

The consultation period is open now – but concludes on Sunday 14th January.

It is important that everyone’s considered views are known. To share YOUR views go to: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=5QJ9_HG9WU6G9o11mEvkqcImvKmEoXVMt66oagrSW59URjRHVTM0MEhOUjg1Q1ozWEY5NjkwVE9PSi4u

For more details see this Lytham St. Anne’s News report of 18th December, 2023: https://lythamstannes.news/news/fylde-council-consider-managing-the-number-type-density-of-licensed-premises-in-lytham/

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