Local Roads Named As Being Used As Alleged ‘Red Light’ Districts

Deep concerns have been raised by anxious and worried residents who live in  the vicinity of Livingstone Road & Read’s Avenue with Blackpool South MP Scott Benton regarding the area being used as a red-light district.

MP Benton said, ‘The law around this isn’t straight forward but I have taken this issue up with the council and police. Residents shouldn’t have to put up with this on their doorstep and we need more action to stop this from occurring.’

Resident Gerald Flynn has expressed his concerns about the prostitutes saying, ‘I have asked Supt Chris Hardy why prostitutes are not being arrested.  it’s the guys who use their services who get arrested. I was told the prostitutes are classed as victims and need help, this may be true in some cases but not all, prostitution is still illegal in this country.’

‘Eddie Fewings has explained how this issue of street prostitutes is concerning hoteliers, ‘This was brought up at the Police and community together PACT meeting the first Wednesday of the month. Hoteliers were very angry that this is going on. Dominic Blackburn, Head of Public Protection at Blackpool Council is dealing with this. Residents can raise their concerns at the next PACT Wednesday 7th  Dececember 7 pm at the Guards Club on Whitegate Drive.’

Daniel Willoughby complained, ‘We have a girl on our street running a brothel and drug dealing from her flat 24/7.’

Daniel Carter was much more sarcastic. ‘Police and council probs use their services themselves!’

Featured photographs from Scott Benton’s Facebook page

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  1. Council and police need to stop it unfortunately it doesn’t do the town Any credit .emailed Lynn Williams she doesn’t even reply back how rude

  2. they shouldn’t be arresting the prostitutes anyway most of them r being sex trafficked… honestly the lot of you… i bet you constantly post save our children and act like little activists in youre facebook groups but can’t see exploitation when its right in front of you. you could be a lifeline for these girls but instead ur treating them as nuisances. absolutely horrible. i bet some of these girls arent even 18. should be ashamed.

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